Monday, 21 July 2014

Severn Valley Progress Report

  Time to bring you all up to date with progress being made on the Severn Valley Railway.  Firstly, we'd like to bring you up to date on the progress being made on Arley station. This is being modeled by Paul Springthorpe. As you'll see, the attention to detail is staggering! 

Arley Station Progress

A preview of the main building and platform 1 from Sketchup. Details are slowly being added all the time
Again from Sketchup, the rear of the main station building
A Selection of Enamel Signs in the Works
Station Benches, Lamp Post and Telephone Box
Next Train Indicators. If we can work out how, Paul would like to make these animated!
The first of the enamel signs is in game
Route Build Progress

We are indebted to Bailey Maxwell and Jack Blakemore for the work they have carried out so far between Hampton Loade and the top of Eardington Bank. Lets take a trip along the line with visiting Bulleid Battle of Britain 34072 257 Squadron.

Kidderminster to Bewdley 

34072 waits to depart Kidderminster Town
Departure from Kidderminster
Falling Sands Viaduct - Kidderminster
Exiting Bewdley Tunnel
Poppies are in bloom, as we approach  Bewdley
Passing Bewdley South Signal Box
Passing the SVR Goods Rake
Coming to a Stand in Platform 1
Waiting for the Signal at Bewdley
Next, the journey between Bewdley and Arley.

Ready for Departure from Arley
We now follow the Bulleid, as it makes progress along the valley between Arley and Hampton Loade
Arrival at Hampton Loade
We now enter the first section that has been outsourced for development. Bailey Maxwell is working on Hampton Loade to to Sterns, while Jack Blakewell is working on Eardington Bank between Sterns and Cottage Crossing 

Departing Hampton Loade
Charging towards Sterns

Climbing Eardington Bank

Oldbury Viaduct 
The Bridgnorth Bypass passes under the railway
Final Approach to Bridgnorth
Our 16 Mile Journey Draws to a Close
Alongside the Boiler Shop
The Norther Limit of the SVR

  We appreciate that progress may be a lot slower than you, as a user, would like, however, we are making progress. Bailey and Jack are doing well on the sections they have been assigned. Hopefully we'll have a completed route in the not to distant future.

Thank you for you interest!


  1. Absoulutely cracking stuff lads this is a credit to you Considering this is freeware the detail is insane

  2. However long the wait it will be worthwhile. Not much left to do I hope.

    My only problem is not having the Class 50 DLC currently and that simply won't do for an SVR Diesel Gala.

  3. Matt, can you do a preview video like you did for the WSR ME before its released?

  4. If this is as good as it currently looks I'd pay for it.