Friday, 20 February 2015

Project Progress Reports

Rebuilt Royal Scot

This project is back in progress having stalled for a while. The reason for the hold up was to do with problems getting the animated valve gear exported to TS. Now though, thanks to some help from various people, most recently Pete from Victory Works, progress is being made once again.

GWR 2800/2884

It appears that 'hold up' is the flavor of the month! The 28xx cab stalled due to lacking certain pieces of detail. Give the guys at DT credit. They weren't prepared to make it up. They wanted to get it just right! After a small plea on their facebook page for extra source images and info, some have come through with offers to help. This is very much appreciated by DT and ourselves. Once the cab is complete, then we'll be on the home straight!

Stainmore, Eden Valley and Shap Railway

As can be guessed in the new name, the Stainmore Route has been expanded to include the famous section of WCML over Shap, from Tebay to Penrith. This was a natural choice because the Stainmore line runs east from Barnard Castle to to Tebay, via Kirkby Stephen East, and the Eden Valey line runs north west from Kirkby Stephen to Penrith. This will now be an exciting network of lines. Below is a route map, as things stand:

Severn Valley Railway

Progress is being made on platform 2 at Arley station. Please see below 2 very much WIP images:

Please note that these images were taken in an old version of the route, so the surrounding scenery does not necessarily reflect the current look of things.

And just in case you haven't see yet, here a closer look at platform 1:

LMS Jubilee Sound Pack

A new sound pack is in the final stages of development. The Jubilee has been transformed by news sounds, CJB script and particles, new scripted lamps and the Settle to Carlisle Jubilee, Leander has also been updated and includes the addition of the high-intensity lamp and a selection of headboards for modern mainline use. Once we have sourced a sound for the higher speed exhaust sounds, then it'll be ready

GWR King Enhancement Pack

Slowly getting there, the GWR Kings are having brand new liveries applied by Stephen Gurney. The 1927 Great Western livery is pretty much done. Stephen is now finishing off the showcase livery - the stunning BR Blue King Edward II.

There's a lot more going on behind the scenes and we'll endeavor to bring you updates very soon.

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