Friday, 27 March 2015

Two New Loco Packs Coming Soon

Double Chimney Standard 4 4-6-0

  WE ARE absolutely delighted to announce that very soon we will be releasing the Double-Chimney Standard 4 4-6-0 for Train Simulator! 

  A class of engine introduced in 1951 for secondary routes, the 4MT's were a really successful design. Some were fitted with a double-chimney to improve steaming and power. It is thought by some, that a double-chimney class 4 is almost the equal of a BR Standard 5! The BR2 and BR2A tenders were intended for use with these locomotives. However, the last 15 were built and allocated to the Southern Region. These loco's were given the larger BR1B tenders, due to needing a higher water capacity on the Southern routes. This is because there being no water troughs on the Southern Region. 

  All locos will come with an extensive set of particles and authentic sounds. The full set of features are still being finalized.  

  We're working on the final touches now(no timescale known for this). So, hopefully it wont be too long before you can enjoy the sight and sound of a double-chimney BR Standard 4MT on your computer!!

Single-Chimney Standard 4 4-6-0

  It's also with great pleasure that we announce that the single-chimney version of the 4-6-0 will be available soon as well. These locos were previously available from Digital Traction. However, they have been extensively updated with improved textures, steam effects and SSS sounds.

 Both the BR2 and BR1B tenders will be made available in the pack. As with the double-chimney pack, the final features have not been finalized. We'll announce news on these additional features soon.

More Soon. . . . . . . . . . .  


  1. I'm guessing this will basically be a non-advanced version of JT's upcoming 5MT Advanced?

    1. These are 4MT 4-6-0's. They won't be at the JT level of advanced, but they will contain some advanced features.

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  3. Any idea when this will be avaliable? I need it for the Jacobite pack

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  5. im guessing its almost done as its been ages since this was posted?