Friday, 5 June 2015

Updates, Updates and More Updates.......................................

  As part of our Progress Report Day, we present a report on the various updates in development. Some of these updates are free, whilst others will be released as brand new products. We'll make it clear with each product whether they are free or not.

SDJR 7F Enhancement Pack Version 2

  It has been in development for some time, but thanks to the work of Chris Barnes and the advice of our testers, the new version will be released very shortly with a new, simpler installer, improved scripting, tweaked sounds and particles. This update will be free to all owners of the pack. If you purchased this pack before September 2013, and you haven't done so yet, please Contact Us for a download link from the current shop, and then the update will come to you automatically upon release.

GWR Hall Enhancement Pack Version 3

Here is an update that has been on the go for many months. It started out as simply adding snifter valve puffs of steam, for when the regulator opens. But now we have a rather a lot being updated. Here's a run down:

6960 Raveningham Hall

As packaged with the West Somerset Railway, we always felt that the livery was too dark for 6960 in it's current form. Will Cook took up the challenge of trying to better represent 6960's current lighter green, which it has carried since returning to steam in 2011. What do you think?

One thing has led to another and 2 brand new Hall packs are in production - more about that next time! 

Collett Halls by Will Cook

  Will has kindly updated the textures for his collection of Collett Halls that came with our enhancement pack. Here are some before/after images:

Chris Barnes has also managed to update many elements of his script. Here are the improvements:
  • Fixed cylinder cocks effect bug on AI and static locos.
  • Added AI controlled cylinder cock effects that automatically open and close realistically as appropriate.
  • Reduced alpha channel of main smoke stack to make it look less lumpy.
  • Upgraded cylinder cock effects that are timed with the wheels.
  • Corrected the incorrect directionality of the vacuum brake handle on original RSC Hall.
  • Regulator, firebox lever and large ejector now grab-able in-cab.
  • Added simple brake operation of auto-ejector when the brake valve is at the far right position.
  • Added steam chest with realistic delay and jigger/jockey valve deadzone.
  • Toggle between steam chest with authentic brake operation or simple regulator with auto-ejector.
  • Improved water in gauge glass sloshing effect.
All the above will be applied to the Falmouth Branch Hall loco. However, we will no longer be supporting the old and long withdrawn HallPack01 Halls. This update is nearly ready and will be made available free to current owners.

Steam Era Carriage Sound Pack Version 2

 It has been our desire for a long time to update this pack. However, whilst in the process of working on the carriage sounds for the Peppercorn A2 Pack, we realized that a completely new pack was in order, not just an update. We have learn't, and recorded a lot more since version 1 was released. What's more, there are an awful lot more carriages that we can add our sounds to! PLEASE WATCH THE BELOW PREVIEW VIDEO:

This pack will have to be released as new, meaning a new payware package. However, we feel confident you will all feel it's worth picking up. Version 1 will remain available for those that want it. Here is a full list of the carriages which will have these new sounds applied:

> MT Collett
> MT Hawksworth
> MT LMS Period 3
> MT Bulleid Set
> DT Maunsells
> DT Teak Set(All Liveries)
> N15 Add-on Mark Ones
> WSR Mark Ones
> Falmouth Branch Mark Ones
> Kuju Mark Ones
> Settle to Carlisle Mark Ones
> Woodhead Mark Ones
> B1 Add-on Mark Ones
> GWR Centenery Coaches

More may well be added before release! If you have specific request, feel free to comment below.
Some Smaller Updates

  •  A much smaller update will be for the Tornado Sound Pack. An AI controlled loco will now have improved cylinder drain cocks code to improve realism. 
  • Another intended update is for the LMS Jubilee Sound Pack as we wish to add improved exhaust loops for higher speed running. The dreaded 'machine-gun' effect was more than I could cope with when driving a 'Jub' the other day!
  • West Somerset Railway Members Edition is receiving a little bit of attention. Added are some new ambient sounds, and track rumble sounds. Scenery adjustments are being contemplated, but not certain of that yet.
  • Adjustments are planned to the 8F Collection packages to overcome the issues some have had installing.
  • The Jacobite Pack will be updated soon with improvements to the carriage sounds and adjustments to the scenarios. New scenarios may be added, but there are limits to what can be done that's new.
That's all for now. We hope to get as much of this cleared ASAP! 


  1. Hi Matt, Any chance of a steam era freight sound pack in the near future?

    1. Hi Matt,

      4 more MK1 add on's for you consider.... RSC Duchess, Class 52, 35 & JT Clan.

  2. Hi Matt, bit random but did anything come of the update for the Hall including the corrected Raveningham?