Friday, 29 January 2016

The 81st Grange

  In 1998, a society was formed with the purpose of building a brand new GWR Grange Class. The number chosen was 6880 with the loco name of Betton Grange. Now, in 2016, the society - based at the Llangollen Railway - have now got a rolling chassis, with many new parts being added on a regular basis. With the cylinder block now in place, attention has very much turned to the boiler. This boiler has come from a GWR Hall, Willington Hall. An appeal is in place to raise funds for the boiler overhaul
  In association with Vulcan Productions, we are pleased to announce the soon-to-be-released 6880 Betton Grange Pack. 
  This is a repaints-only pack and requires the Riviera 1950's in order to successfully install and run the new Grange. The real 6880 Betton Grange will appear in BR Lined Green, with the later BR crest, initially. This version will be the focal point of the package. However, we will also supply 6880 in many other appropriate liveries, which the real one may run in during it's first stint in traffic.

Plain GWR Green with 1934-42 Shirtbutton
Lined GWR Green with 1942-47 G[Coat of Arms]W on Tender
British Railways Lined Black with the Early BR Crest
British Railways Plain Black with Early BR Crest


The pack will come with some scenario's on both main line and preserved line metals, as well as Quick Drive consists to help you jump straight into the cab. We are also pleased to announce that the first £150 from sales of this pack will be going towards the above mentioned boiler appeal.
Bring a BRAND NEW Grange to life on your PC!!


  1. Will this be fitted with ATC or will it be TPWS ?

    1. The standard ATC. Fitting TPWS is beyond our expertise.

  2. Ho good I can't wait , roll on

  3. how long now till i can get it and were will it be on sale?