Thursday, 5 May 2016

When one becomes two. . . . . . . . . .

   SOME 12-18 MONTHS AGO, an arrangement with Digital Traction resulted in Steam Sounds Supreme taking ownership of their Bulleid Light Pacific. At the time, our intention was to re-release the pack on our website ASAP. However, due to many unforeseen circumstances, the pack had to go very much onto the back burner. But now, we're pleased to say, the pack has been reactivated. Please read on to find out what our plans are for the Bulleid Light Pacific:

A Change In Contents

  Many will remember our promise - all owners of the Bulleid Light Pacific Enhancement Pack would get the Light Pacific re-release for free. Well, we're pleased to say that that is still going to be the case! However, due to a significant increase in content, the pack will now be split into two parts - 'Preservation' and 'Working Days'.

Preservation Pack

  This pack will contain all the original contents from the Digital Traction Light Pacific pack - Tangmere, Wadebridge, Blackmoor Vale and 92 Squadron. In addition to this, added to the collection will be: 34105 Swanage, 34072 257 Squadron, 34070 Manston and, as illustrated above, 34081 92 Squadron, in early British Railways malachite green livery. This pack will be released first, and will be FREE to all who purchased the Light Pacific Enhancement Pack.
An updated version of Tangmere
'Working Days' Pack

  The 'Working Days' Pack will be pack 2. It will go on sale at a reduced price, and you will require the Preservation Pack for it to work. It will contain a selection of Bulleid's in various guises, representing the liveries carried by the Light Pacifics back in the steam era. 

  Also included will be two 'what if' liveries. Some Merchant Navies were painted in experimental liveries, immediately post nationalization. Two such liveries are depicted, but of course, on the Light Pacific. The Light Pacifics never carried any of these experimental liveries. 

  The contents are still coming together, so the above will be added to you, and we have only displayed a small selection of what has been produced so far! 

  We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ben Booth for the work he is doing, as well as Will Cook and Andy Woodberry. 

More Soon. . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. This looks lovely. I am super excited to see these coming back. May I ask, why has 34051 Winston Churchill not been included? I could see her in the preservation or service pack representing her crucial position as the streamlined/air smoothed SR engine at the NRM (4468, 6229, 34051, and 6000) or as she worked to pull the famous funeral train in BR days. Whether she is included or not, this is a fabulous pack.

    1. Plenty more to reveal, all in good time! ;)

    2. I would like to see 34049 Anti Aircraft Command,as my father was in Anti Aircraft Command during WW2,or 34058,Sir Frederick Pile he was in command of Home Defence

  2. This looks lovely. I am super excited to see these coming back. ☺
    😒 But I was going to get the Light Pacific Enhancement Pack.
    Last year when it just disappeared so I could bye it. I've got Digital Tractions light pacific add on but I'm glad it coming out again.

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  4. What i would like to see some WWII Light Pacific's : Battle of Britain Class 4-6-2, for example I've recorded some air craft from 257 Squadron,
    Rebuilt 34089 602 SQUADRON, Rebuilt 34071 601 SQUADRON , 34072 257 SQUADRON, Unrebuilt 34075 264 SQUADRON, Unrebuilt 34076 41 SQUADRON, Unrebuilt 34077 603 SQUADRON, Unrebuilt 34083 605 SQUADRON, Unrebuilt 34085 501 SQUADRON, Unrebuilt 34080 74 SQUADRON, Unrebuilt 34081 92 SQUADRON, Rebuilt 34079 141 SQUADRON, Rebuilt 34082 615 SQUADRON, Rebuilt 34071 615 SQUADRON,
    Unrebuilt 34084 253 SQUADRON, Rebuilt 34060 25 SQUADRON, Unrebuilt 34061 73 SQUADRON, Rebuilt 34062 17 SQUADRON, Unrebuilt 34063 229 SQUADRON, Unrebuilt 34064 FIGHTER COMMAND, Unrebuilt 34078 222 Squadron, Unrebuilt 34055 FIGHTER PILOT

    1. Also some West Country and Merchant Navy classes both Unrebuilt and Rebuilt, ☺