Friday, 9 September 2016

Route Build Special

  WELCOME to our route build special blog post. We will feature work taking place on three routes, with a mystery fourth featuring at the end of the article.

Wycombe Railway and Joint Line Version 3

  As revealed in a previous blog post, Peter Goodearl is busy preparing version 3 of his fantastic 'return to the steam days' route. Version 2 took us from Oxford to Maidenhead via Thame, Princes Risborough and High Wycombe, and Princes Risborough to Bicester, via Ashendon Junction.Version 3 extends north from Oxford to Banbury and Bicester to Banbury on what is now the Chiltern Mainline. Here are a selection of the images sent through by Peter:

An S160, with a train of empty ore wagons, leaves the Up Goods line at Ironstone Sidings, a mile or so north of Banbury.
Oxfordshire Ironstone private sidings. Their line stretched 4 or 5 miles to quarries at Wroxton.
Banbury Junction where the LNER/Great Central branch from Woodford Halse joins the GWR Oxford to Birmingham line.
Two rows of weeds conveniently delimit the running lines. The S160 is on the Up Goods line. To the left of it are the Up Main, Down Main, Down Yard Reception, and Down Goods. The next 6 are the Old Down Yard and 6 more of the New Down Yard which was added during the War. On the right are the Reception Lines for Banbury Hump Yard.
The (non functional) 'Hump' Yard at Banbury.
Banbury Station and the River Cherwell.
Across the bottom is the Oxford Canal. A tar works, with private siding, is between it and the River Cherwell. At the top is Banbury Cattle Market.
Banbury had a major cattle market, at one time the largest in Europe.
Banbury Shed. Wartime additions include an extension to the coalstage which loads a line on the far side and ash sheds built to hide the glow from enemy bombers.
The gasworks was between the GWR and LMS lines. It also received bomb damage. After it closed it became a scrapyard and several locos were cut up there.
Next are selection of images from the Banbury station platforms:

  There will be more on the Wycombe Railway and Joint Line Version 3 soon. We hope to get the new version complete by the end of the year. 

The Bluebell Railway

  As revealed exclusively on Facebook, we will be releasing our version of the Bluebell Railway in the near future. The route has been developed by Ivor Russell, with many custom assets. Our version will feature our custom track, audio environment and much more. See the below images showing some of the most recognizable parts of the line:

Sheffield Park Station
Standard 4MT Tank 80151 approaches Horsted Keynes on the high embankment
The view off the end of Horsted Keynes platform 2, looking towards Kingscote and East Grinstead

Looking back towards Horsted Keynes
A birds-eye view of Kingscote

The high quality of station model can be appreciated in this shot

Kingscote Signal Box controls all activity at around the station and all movement between here and East Grinstead

GWSR Update In The Works

  As was our intention upon release, the GWSR isn't standing still. Much like the real line, our route is extending and changing. See below some new additions and extensions taking place:

One of the first things to put in was the new water tower in Toddington loco yard
The new viewing areas off the end of Toddington platforms 1 and 2 have been put in
Up at Laverton, the loop has gone. New running line is in place and the extension to Broadway has begun!
The sight of the previous headshunt and new rail is now in
First of the new bridges is in. Progress towards Broadway is well under way
The railhead in the distance is Broadway. As you can see, there's much to do!
Mystery Route

  As many of you will have seen, we have a mystery route in development. We're not ready to announce it yet, as we are tying up various contracts and agreements with parties associated with the project. What we will do is share another distorted image taken in the route itself. See if you can work it out!
You might be thinking you can tell what loco type is in the picture, but don't let that fool you!


  1. Some great work going on!! Will the Bluebell Railway feature Terrier locos to, i.e Digital Traction with different liveries?

    1. No plans to feature our own Terrier locos

    2. DRPReskins as done the Bluebell terriers in a large pack

  2. I gonna take a guess that the mystery route is South Devon ;)