Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Jacobite - A Special Preview Part 2

Last time we told you about the Jacobite Addon. Well, now that the pack is on the verge of a release, we bring you news about the pack contents.

Stanier Black 5 45231

   Owned by Bert Hitchen 45231 has recently returned to traffic after a major overhaul was carried out at Carnforth MPD. 45231 has been employed on various working during it's mainline career - WCRC's Fellsman trains, the Jacobite and some Cathedrals Express workings in the south.
  The loco coming with this addon equipped with custom sounds, CJB particles and script, scripted lamps(including modern HI lamp) and headboards

Stanier Black Fives 45407 & 44871

This pair of locomotives are owned by Ian Riley and are stalwarts of the mainline scene. They are the mainstay of the Jacobite service. Steam Sounds Supreme released a pack containing these two locos earlier this year. You will have to download the Riley Fives pack for these to work. Included with the Jacobite Pack are two versions of the each loco. One fitted with a Jacobite headboard and mainline lamps and the second is a dead version, for parking in the yard at Fort William. These are fitted with a limited sound set so you'll hear con-rod clank, and piston sounds when towing.

BR Standard 4MT 4-6-0 75014

Now based at the Dartmouth Steam Railway, 75014 was formerly heavily associated with the Jacobite service, having been involved when it first began in the 1980's. Here we present 75014 as she would look today, if she was still involved with the Jacobite operation. To run the loco, you will need to own Digital Traction's Standard 4 4-6-0 pack, and Steam Sounds Supreme's Standard 4 Tender Locomotives Sound Pack. This version comes with Jacobite headboard on loco, warning flash decals, mainline HI headlamp and version of the tender with headboard and HI lamp attached.

West Coast Railway Company Rolling Stock

In 1995, the West Coast Railway Company took over the operation. Naturally, the coaching stock used is branded. We present 2 complete sets of carriages for the Jacobite services. They consist of BG, SK, FK and RMB Maroon Mk 1's and BSO, FK & SO Maroon Mk 2's. They all come with custom sounds, warning flash decals, WCRC branding and a rear version with modern flashing lamp(except the RMB).


Provided are a set of immersive scenarios. They include a 4-part Jacobite scenario, towing a dead black 5 and more. Lots to enjoy!!
After stalling on Beesdale bank, Black 5 45231 charges over the summit
This pack will be released later today and will be exclusive to newsletter subscribers. So, if you haven't subscribed yet, do so now HERE

May we take this opportunity to offer our thanks to Ashley Burgess and Chris Barnes, without whose assistance, this pack wouldn't happen!


  1. Oh My!This has exxceeded my expectations by miles!Cant wait for this,Thanks a lot guys!

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