Thursday, 11 December 2014

More Freebies In Production

There's nothing quite like a freebie! We know that, which is why we try to give you some free products from time to time. There are a few different reasons why some products are given away for free. (1)Some products have to be given free due to the EULA attached to the associated DLC. The Jacobite being a classic example of that. (2)We get help from some very kind individuals with the understanding that the product they assist on will be freeware. (3)We make a payware sound pack that is required to use the free pack. Not everyone agrees that that's free, however, we like to view it as a 'buy one get one free' kind of arrangement. Here are some examples of free products that have been downloaded over 1000 times since release:
An accurate depiction of the preserved Great Central Railway, running between the the Leicestershire town of Loughborough and the outskirts of Leicester. Custom buildings feature heavily, giving you the opportunity to 'recreate the experience' of running on this popular preserved railway.

Quite possibly the most reliable steam locomotives running today, Ian Riley's Black Fives can be seen taking on main line work all over the country. We present here all 3 of those locos. Repaints, particles and script by Chris Barnes, finished off with SSS sounds
When the West Somerset Railway DLC was released, it met with a lukewarm reaction. Although the station models and basic scenery was good, there was a serious lack of detail. Started by real-life WSR guard David Seward, adding of a lot of missing detail began. We came on board and transformed the look of many parts of the line, taking out overdone tree lines; adding embankments, cuttings, signal cables, point rods, the missing Minehead water treatment plant and much much more! We even managed to get a locomotive to be published with the route as well - WSR Mogul 9351 - courtesy of Kris Harding. It is with great satisfaction that we see many using the route, as evidenced in published screenshots. I'm sure it is satisfying to David and Kris as well!

Our most recent freeware pack was exclusive to newsletter subscribers, but the next two will be made available to all.

Castle Over Shap Scenario

This scenario, created by Mitchel Thomas, takes Nunney Castle over shap. It's a challenge. Can you get your train over the summit without loosing too much time? This scenario is to be made available later today.

Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway for TS2015

  Way back in 2011, Richard Evans released the fantastic Honeybourne Line for then Railworks. The route was very well received. However, technology has advanced a awful lot since then. In that time we've seen the introduction of the TSX game engine; Shadows(not the band!); Super-elevation; Tunnel occlusions and much more. With Richards kind permission - granted over 2 years ago(!!) - we present a new version of the route taking advantage of these new features, and an extension of the line to Laverton. Not much has had to change scenery-wise, Richard having made such a fine job of it. We just present a new version which looks better with the new technology. 
  The Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway is a 12 mile preserved railway which runs from the Cotswold town of Cheltenham to Laverton, via Gotherington, Winchcombe and Toddington. Find out all about the real GWSR HERE. We are slowly gathering a collection of appropriate locomotives to run on the line. What will come with the route? The plan is to release the route with Dinmore Manor and a set of maroon mark ones included. A set of scenarios are also in development. Enjoy the following screenshots showing off a section of the route between Laverton and Gotherington.

Very soon now you'll be able to enjoy an exciting day out in the Cotswolds on the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway for TS2015!

More Soon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. Two Questions because both routes look extremely awesome
    1st does this included the Severn valley and is their an update on the progress of this route
    2nd will both GWSR and Great central be extended to there current full lengths to maximize train running?

    1. Updates on progress to the Severn Valley will appear here in this blog and/or on Facebook when we have something significant to share.

      The GWSR has been extended to Laverton, the current limit of operations. The GCR is already at it's current limit(for now), running from Loughborough Central to Leicester North.