Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Rebuilt Royal Scot Pack - In Development Special

Between 1943 and 1955, 70 members of the Royal Scot class, of the London Midland and Scottish Railway, were rebuilt with William Stanier's type 2A tapered boiler. This, along with many other modifications, changed the look of these locomotives dramatically. It is our pleasure to be working alongside Tom Homewood and Chris Barnes, to bring the Rebuilt 'Scot' to Train Simulator. As this project has been 'coming soon' for so long, we thought it would be good for you all to see what has been completed and what is left to bring this project to completion.

Complete Loco - Tweaked Front-End

The first loco, LMS Black 46115 Scots Guardsman, is now in game. Since the last preview was shown, a few modifications have taken place. These have been mainly focused around the smokebox area. The shape and profile of a 'Scot' is so distinctive. Tom is determined for the loco's to look 'just right'. A month or so ago, Tom reworked the front end. This included making changes to the smokebox door, smokebox and the adding of some extra details.

During our discussions about the project, we made the decision to ensure that a version without smoke deflectors was possible. That meant that Tom had to make sure that all the necessary detail was present in an area that would previously have been hidden. This included the addition of rivet detail, and, as seen in the second of the two pictures below, modeling of the ejector drain, which is very much obscured by the smoke deflector on that side. 

Variety Is The Spice Of life

One thing which we haven't fully shared yet, are the many views available in cabview. See them all below:

View 1:
The first view is leaning out the drivers side
 View 2:
Driver Seated Position
 View 3:
Driver Standing Position
 View 4:
Driver looking across cab view
 View 5:
Looking into the firebox
 View 6:
Fireman seated view
 View 7:
Fireman leaning out of cab view
Yes, that's 7 views!! 

What's Left to Complete?
  • The BR Green variant is complete and just needs putting into game, once we are happy with everything. Tom still needs to do the LMS Crimson Lake and BR Maroon variants. The dynamic numbering for the generic version still needs doing as well
  • The LMS Black variant is all done in game. Tom just needs to fiddle with the lining here and there to get the alignment correct
  • Tom is currently working on the nameplates. Seven crest types are being created. Blow are some examples which Tom has traced by hand!

  • Development of 46100 with the air pump/dual brakes and modified tender
  • Sounds have yet to be started
 So, there's plenty to be getting on with. Both Tom and Chris are busy with secular work and other other TS projects. We cannot predict how long the above will take. But be assured, we are working as fast as we can.

More Soon. . . . . . . . . . .


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    1. We hope to be able to make an announcement about this shortly.

  2. Has there been anymore news about the Royal Scot?
    The last I Heard all progress had stopped :(