Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Severn Valley Progress Report

It's been a long, long old road developing this route. Many obstacles have been overcome and we have benefited from assistance from some excellent people within the Train Simulator community. We now have an additional helper, a seasoned route developer, Mark Walker. We thank Mark for his willingness to help us get to the finish line. We are almost there folks! Another major obstacle has been crossed this week, literally(in a virtual sense!). We have our crossing of the 'Severn' sorted. Phil Baines has very kindly made the stunning and beautiful Victoria Bridge. That means that ALL unique buildings and structures have been made. A major milestone!!

What Is Left?

 A valid question. Well, to put it simply.................not much!! Bailey Maxwell is adding some extra details around Kidderminster and Bewdley, while Mark is now focusing on the Bridgnorth area. Once that is complete, we will get the signalling finished. Then, scenario creation can begin in earnest! Lets take a look at some images sent to us by both Bailey and Mark in recent weeks. We'll begin by taking a look at the Kidderminster to Bewdley section of line:

Great Western Castle Class 5029 Nunney Castle wait to depart Kidderminster Town
On the way out of Kidderminster we pass the back of a row of detached houses
Crossing Falling Sands Viaduct - Kidderminster
On the outskirts of Kidderminster we pass by an industrial estate
The Castle bursts out of Bewdley Tunnel
Coasting towards Bewdley on 'Safari' Curve
Drifting into Bewdley
We'll now move to the north end of the line where Mark Walker has been adding extra detail for us:
We now join Rebuilt Bulleid Pacific 34027 Taw Valley climbing Eardington Bank, heading towards Bridgnorth
Nearing the top of the bank
The flowers are in bloom at Cottage Crossing
On another occasion and having been turned, Taw Valley is at Bridgnorth waiting to depart
Taw Valley accelerates away from Bridgnorth
Having passed through the short Knowlesands Tunnel, under the Highley road, Taw Valley powers up the 1in100 gradient
Approaching Eardington Summit
The loco now drifts down the bank passing Cottage Crossing once more
As you may be able to tell, there aren't many gaps in the scenery now. It is our aim to gather in the completed scenery work over the next few weeks, and then we will begin the tidy up. After that, testing can begin. So we'll conclude with this classic scene at Arley as former resident GW Hall 6960 'Raveningham Hall' waits to depart on a southbound departure

More Soon. . . . . . . . .