Thursday, 31 May 2018

KWVR REPORT - Worth The Wait!

If there is one question we are asked more than any other, it is this: 'How is the KWVR coming along?' We haven't posted any new screenshots for quite a long time. For a while, the question of how the route is progressing has been a difficult question to answer. Why? Because for a few months we were stuck. Stuck by an problem none in our team of Steam Sounds Supreme, Vulcan Productions and Skyhook Games had a solution to - getting signals & level crossings to work! We were in danger of the project stalling completely. What would we do. . . . . . . . 

A few months ago, Mark from Vulcan Productions, told me he had a positive discussion with a well known signal and script creater. Step forward Mark Brinton!! We were delighted to welcome Mark into the team. And it's given the project the injection it needed in order to move it towards completion. All the signal are now working! And baring one or two fixes, the level crossings work too. As you will see in the following screenshots, things in the route are looking really good now. News and updates will become more frequent from now on!

So lets take a trip along the line, with Black 5 45212 in charge:

45121 makes a powerful display departing Keighley
Topping Keighley Bank and Coming Onto the Great North Straight

45212 Arrives at Ingrow West

Ready to Depart Ingrow Through the Tunnel

Approaching Damems. The signal is clear.

The Black Five Raises the Echoes in the Worth Valley Departing Damems

The signal is clear at Damems Junction.

Rounding the curve half way between Damems and Oakworth

Approaching Oakworth Platform

Passing through Oakworth station

Powering away from Oakworth
45212 is digging into the climb towards Mytholmes tunnel

Approaching Haworth

Having passed through Haworth 45212 now pass the locomotive sheds.

Accelerating away from Haworth

The final approach to Oxenhope

So what's left to do?

While Mark.W tackles the last areas of scenery, our job will be to work on the audio over the next few weeks. Echo and reverb effects will be added as well as ambient audio, which was recorded around the real railway. Sounds will also be added to the custom signals.

In an effort to make train movements around Haworth shed work within a scenario, a set of ground signals have been created:

All the signalling needs a thorough test to make sure they work as expected. But Mark.B has done a terrific job!!

On the loco front: The feature locomotive - BR Standard 4 75078 - has a script bug which we are looking into with the help of our friend Chris Barnes. Once that is complete, scenario creation will start.


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