Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Hunslet Fitzwilliam - An In Focus Special

The Hunslet Engine Company was founded in 1864 in Hunslet, Leeds. The company manufactured steam-powered shunting locomotives for over 100 years, and currently manufactures diesel-engined shunting locomotives. The Hunslet Fitzwilliam was a batch of identical engines built for work at collieries and quarries. Preserved examples include Ring Haw, Kingsley* and Newstead. Ring Haw is in traffic and operational at the North Norfolk Railway at the time of writing, and is a very popular locomotive.

*It was discovered that Kingsley had aquired the tanks of Fitzwilliam at some point. So this loco might also bear that name. 

The long-awaited Hunslet Fitzwilliam locomotive pack is almost ready to launch. Here's what you've got to look foward to:

Hunslet 0-6-0ST in Five Liveries

This punchy little tank engine comes in 5 liveries. They are as follows:

So that's Black, Prussian Blue, NCB Maroon, Red and Green. There is also a separate model depicting Ring Haw with a fixed nameplate(more about nameplates below). 

Lamps and Discs

In-game you can set any combination of lamps or discs on the locomotive using the keys Ctrl+1, 2, 3, 4 for front lamps. Ctrl+5 gives you a rear red lamp in the front number 4 position. Ctrl+6, 7, 8 & 9 will put lamps on the bunker.

For discs, you use Ctrl+Shift+1, 2, 3 & 4 for the four front disc positions, with Ctrl+Shift+5 used for a rear disc.

 And similar to the lamps, Ctrl+Shift+6, 7, 8 & 9 puts discs on the bunker.

Changeable Additional Fittings 

With all the locos apart from Ring Haw, you can also add a vacuum chamber and handrail to the front of the loco. Ctrl+N adds/removes a vacuum chamber to the front running plate, on the drivers side, next to the smoke box. Ctr+M adds/removes an additoonal hand rail round the top of the smoke box.

Fully Detailed Cab

Dynamic Nameplate

The loco comes with the ability to create your own name for any loco. The plate has a 9 character limit. Here is a full list of names that will be generated when you place the loco on the track in scenario editor or load a QD scenario: 


PLEASE NOTE: Some names have been made up. To create your own name, double-click on a loco in scenario editor, and enter a new name in the loco name/number field. The name must be 9 characters. Use a - to create a space.

Other Features

There are many other features for you to enjoy including:
To run the included Quick Drive consists, you would benefit by owning the following stock:
  • Falmouth Branch(Steam)
  • GCR Demo Freight & Windcutter Wagon Packs(SSS)
  • West Somerset Wagon Pack(SSS)
  • Woodhead Route(Steam)
  • 4MT Tank(Digital Traction)
  • BR Wagons Pack(Digital Traction)
 And to run the included scenarios, we recommend you have the follwing installed:
  • 4MT Tank(Digital Traction)
  • GNR N2(Digital Traction)
  • BR Wagons Pack(Digital Traction)
  • SR Vans(Digital Traction)
  • Wagon Pack 3(Digital Traction)
  • Departmental Wagon Pack(SSS)
  • LMS Period 3 Set 2(Marketplace)
  • Gresley Teaks Sets 1, 2 & 3(Marketplace)
  • Y14/J15 Pack(SSS)
  • 4MT 2-6-0 Advanced(Just Trains)
  • Great Central Railway(SSS)
  • UKTS Freeware Pack UK Wagons(UKTS)
  • UKTS Freeware Pack UK Carriages(UKTS)
  • BR Standard 9F(Steam)
  • Falmouth Branch(Steam)
  • West Somerset Diesels(Steam)
  • Wear Valley(Steam)
  • GCR Demo Freight & Windcutter Wagon Packs(SSS)
  • BR Standard 4 2-6-4T Enhancement Pack(SSS)
  • LMS Black 5 Pack(SSS)
  • Ian Riley Black 5 Pack(SSS)
  • West Highland Extension(Steam)
  • Raven Q6(Steam)

So that covers everything you can look forward to in this new locomotive pack, brought to you by the Rust Engineman's Loco & Carriage Workshop. Pre-order customers can expect an email about downloading the pack very soon!! 

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