Friday, 9 May 2014

Severn Valley Progress Report

Route Build

Jump Start Needed
  Development of the route hit a brick wall about 7/8 months ago. We realize how many of you are looking forward to this route. So, we took the decision to recruit a route builder to help us get the job done. We tried out a few different people. Two separate individuals were given a chance to take the last section of the line and complete it. Sadly these arrangements didn't work out. I began to feel like we were never going to complete the route. 
  Roll on 6 months and we now have progress occurring once again. And this is thanks to Jack Blakemore and Bailey Maxwell. Here we present a selection of screenshots showing how things are progressing.

Jack Blakemore's Section

Jack has been tasked with completing the scenery along Eardington Bank, from Cottage crossing down to Sterns.

Some Scenes On Eardington Bank

Bailey Maxwell's Section

We tasked Bailey with tackling the details around Hampton Loade station, and heading north to meet Jack's section at Sterns.

North of Hampton Loade

Near Sterns

 Hampton Loade Station

Earlier Progress

Up to about 8 months ago, I was making excellent progress with the route. Here we will take you from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, so you can see how things are looking throughout the whole route, as of today.

Kidderminster Town Station
Carriage Shed

Bewdley and Area
Looking towards Bewdley Tunnel, from Bewdley End
Safari Curve
Bewdley South
Bewdley Station and Some of the SVR Wagons
Bewdley Station
Northwood Halt
Arley and Area
Trimpley Reservoir
Looking Towards Victoria Bridge
Looking North From End of Arley Platform 1

Approach to Highley and the Engine House Can Be Seen
A View of Highley Engine House
Highey Station, as Viewed From the Road
Looking Back Up the Hill to the Station
Hampton Loade
Approach to Hampton Loade From the South
Hampton Loade Main Station Building
Between Hampton Loade and Bridgnorth
Looking North Towards the Summit
Oldbury Viaduct
Bridgnorth Bypass
Railway Crosses Road Immediately Outside Bridgnorth Sation

So as you can see, the route is at a very advanced stage. Once Bailey and Jack have finished their respective sections of the line, we'll begin moving towards a release. The end is in sight......................

We Can Do This!!


  1. wow this looks so good. i can't wait what assests are needed to run the route?

    1. Thanks Joe! To run this route you will need the following: Falmouth Branch, Bristol to Exeter, Portsmouth Direct Line and the Isle of Wight.

  2. Its amazing to hear that progress Is back on, Good Luck to You, Jack & Bailey

    1. Hi Matt, do you know how progress is getting on with the SVR? Also you know the repeaters on the WSR ME will they be on the SVR at Northwood Halt? Finally, i'm sure i read somewhere that the is going to be an SVR loco pack is that true?