Friday, 16 May 2014

West Somerset Railway Members Edition - Part 2

A Trip Along The Line

We continue our journey along the West Somerset Railway.

WSR Mogul 9351 approaches Bishops Lydeard, from Norton Fitzwarren

Bishops Lydeard to Williton 

A lot of work has gone into improving the look of the route. Here are a couple of images which feature Bishops Lydeard station. Lots of new bits and pieces here. Point rodding and the loco compound to name two. 

An overall view of Bishops Lydeard
How many new bits can you see in this picture?!
Our train is ready to depart Bishops Lydeard. Lets get back on board. What changes can you see?? Main things to look out for are at Crowcombe Heathfield and Williton. You'll also notice an exciting new feature between Crowcombe and Stogumber!

To complete this part of the journey, we present a selection of images of the Bishops Lydeard to Williton section of the route.
The Mogul  climbs through the cutting on the approach to Crowcombe
The summit is reached at Crowcombe station
We have the signal
Patiently waiting for the passengers to finish loading
At Williton, as seen from the yard
At this low angle, the new point rods can be seen to good effect
Next: Williton to Washford

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