Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Welcome to the Workshop!

Steam Sounds Supreme Workshop
Welcome to our new blog! Here we'll report on all our projects, as and when there is something to report. The only project we won't report on here is the Stainmore project, due to there already being a blog for that purpose: 
Below, we list every single WIP project going on here at SSS, with the help of some great Train Sim folks. As you will see, quite a few projects are at an advanced stage. We will not provide any proposed release dates in this blog. It's purely to show what's in the workshop. In no particular order:

West Somerset Railway Members Edition+WSR Mogul 9351

A complete overhaul of the original DLC route featuring new assets, sounds, track-side detail, tree removal and more. Also, as part of the route package will be Down Main Games' first steam loco - WSR Mogul 9351.

West Somerset Wagon Pack

An authentic set of wagons for the West Somerset Railway, produced by Phil Baines.

Stanier 8F Collection Part 2 -WD Mini-Pack

Courtesy of Ben Yates, Chris Barnes and Brian Yeomans, we present these 3 WD liveried 8F loco's.

Stanier 8F Collection Part 3 - Preservation Pack

A large selection of 8F's, courtesy of Ben Yates, featuring as many preserved examples as possible. Below are just 4 of the many loco's featured.

Ivatt 4MT Working Days and 43106 Pack

Built by Tom Homewood, these packs will include a full range of Ivatt 4MT's from their early double-chimney form, to the more successful single chimney version. We'll present them in all the liveries we can. To follow that will be a dedicated mini-pack featuring the Severn Valley Railway's Ivatt 43106. This will come with a selection of SVR headboards and in BR lined black with late crest and BR plain black, as it appeared at the Rainhill celebrations.

Rebuilt Royal Scot Pack

Steam Sounds Supreme join forces with Tom Homewood and Chris Barnes to develop a mega pack of all 70 Rebuilt Royal Scot locomotives! All named variants will feature, as well as a grubby, worn-out, nameless version. This well represents how the class looked near the end of steam. We're also pleased to say that the 2 preserved examples will feature. (4)6115 will be in LMS black and BR green. (4)6100 will be presented in LMS Crimson Lake and in BR Maroon. Steam-age version of these loco's will be in the pack as well.

Midland 2P Locomotive

Now owned by Steam Sounds Supreme, this Digital Traction model is to receive a make-over. It is currently sat outside the workshop, under tarpaulin!

GWR 2800/2884

We await news from Digital Traction............................................

Standard 4MT Tank Sound Pack

Our first sound pack release has just been withdrawn for overhaul. Soon to return in a fully enhanced state. We'll report on progress in the near future.

Bulleid Light Pacific Enhancement Pack

A host of new names, CJB enhancements and much more. This is on hold until Chris can adjust the scripting for us.

LMS Patriot Sound Pack

Our previous sound source isn't up to standard, so we have mover this pack down the list whilst we look around for some appropriate sounds.

Black 5 Sound Pack Update

Our most popular sound pack is receiving an update, in the form of CJB enhancements. The sounds have also been updated. 

LMS Rebuilt Jubilee

Another Tom Homewood production, the Rebuilt Jubilee will be progressed in the near future, once the Rebuilt Scot is complete.

Severn Valley Railway

A project that is dragging it's heals somewhat. However, we are pleased to report that work has started again, thanks to help from Jack Blakemore and Bailey Maxwell. We'll produce a full SVR report very shortly, so you can see what stage we're at. 

Stainmore and Eden Valley Railway

The scenic and challenging Stainmore route from Barnard Castle, west to Kirkby Stephen East and Tebay, plus the Eden Valley route from Kirkby Stephen East to Penrith. To feature 3 steam locomotives: Ivatt 4MT, Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 and LNER J21. LMS period 1 carriages will also feature. For more information and in-depth reporting on progress, please visit the official; blog:

GWR King Enhancement Pack

GWR/BR Kings in all appropriate liveries. Stephen Gurney has agreed to take on this project. Watch out for progress in the future.

So, there we have it. Plenty for us to be getting on with! All of the above products, apart from Stainmore, will have progress reports posted in this blog. Check back soon!

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  1. Looks great SSS. All projects look amazing! Are you still doing the GWSR? Gloucestershire & Wawrickshire Railway? It is a much loved route by myself and would work brilliantly with most of your packs!! Most of the Gala's have had all of your packs featured!!