Thursday, 15 May 2014

West Somerset Railway Members Edition - Part 1

A Trip Along The Line

Join us for a journey along the West Somerset Railway. We begin the the journey at Norton Fitzwarren, 23 miles from the seaside at Minehead.

Norton Fitzwarren to Bishops Lydeard

Our loco, WSR Mogul 9351, is turning on the triangle. The WSR Mogul 9351 has been loving recreated by Kris Harding of Down Main Games and comes with lots of exciting features. Most notably a set of changeable headlamps and headboards. And sounds engineered by SSS. Once the loco backs onto the Minehead-end of the train, our journey can begin.

From the train, our loco is seen negotiating the turning triangle
Now turned, 9351 is running forwards to rejoin the main running lin
Ready to depart Norton Fitzwarren 
Now enjoy the journey from Norton Fitzwarren to Bishops Lydeard.

Next: Bishops Lydeard to Williton.....................................

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